August Gardening Tips

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  • Control leggy growth on annuals by cutting them back at least one-third or more to encourage late summer re-blooming
  • Inspect plants for pests and treat using “low impact” products if warranted.  Apply treatments early mornings during the cool part of the day
  • Give citrus trees an occasional hosing down from top to bottom to wash off dust and pests
  • Pick up fallen fruit to discourage bees ,yellow jackets, wasps and over wintering of diseases
  • Cut back Baby’s Tears, Blue Star Creeper, Coprosma, Creeping Thyme and other spreaders to encourage new compact growth and prevent them from overstepping their boundaries
  • Do not dry herbs in the sun. Wash and set them on a screen indoors where there is good air circulation
  • For large Pumpkins and Melons, leave only one to three fruits per vine
  • Wash foliage off early in the morning with a strong stream of water to blast off aphids, leafhoppers, and caterpillars
  • If skunks, raccoons, possums, moles and other critters are digging up the lawn, they are probably looking for grubs
  • Check your automated irrigation system to make sure everything is operating properly and water isn’t being wasted through runoff and over-spray.  Set your watering budget at 80% of the July schedule or according to local watering retrictions
  • Begin to consider ordering Spring flowering bulbs