Gardenworks Inc. Provides Landscape Maintenance Services in Sonoma County

Gardenworks Inc. Provides Landscape Maintenance Services in Sonoma County

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For more than three and a half decades, Jay Tripathi and Peter Estournes and their expert staff have provided the highest quality landscape maintenance services in Sonoma County. Here is a quick rundown on what we can do for you and your home:

Plants, shrubs and trees – Without proper maintenance, the foliage around your home cannot only wither and die but conversely also grow out of control. Our landscapers will mow, weed and otherwise tend to your lawn as well as trim hedgesprune trees . We know when the time is right to do these things as well as how to do properly. Trust us to keep your “green” things healthy and looking good.

Hardscaping – We are also experts at caring for the non-living aspects of your landscape. Whether you need the stonework of a pathway or fire-pit reset, the wood of a trellis or gazebo refinished or any other hardscape maintenance, our team can handle the project in an expert and affordable manner. Our maintenance techs can also identify potential problems, such as water build-up behind walls or faulty electrical connections, and offer simple solutions to minor problems before they become major ones.

Water features and sprinkler systems – The team at Gardenworks Inc. does it all. We understand the need for adequate sprinkler coverage, but we are also keenly aware that Sonoma County homeowners need to conserve water for both their own benefit and the environment’s benefit. For this reason, irrigation management is quite important, so we recommend a twice-yearly audit of your system and its water usage. In the long run, your plants and your wallet will be much happier.

For more information on our company and the landscape maintenance services in the Sonoma County area, please contact us online at or contact us directly at 707.857.2050.