May Gardening Tip

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  • Install summer flowering plants – choose plants with good drought tolerance over high water using plants
  • Fertilize annuals and perennials for early summer.  Apply at half strength during this drought
  • Clean up fallen citrus fruit and debris to prevent pests
  • Set out Yellow Jacket Traps
  • Replenish mulch to a minimum of 2” thick especially during this drought
  • Cultivate the surface of mulch to prevent crusting and to allow water to penetrate
  • Program irrigation controllers for the summer and reduce by 30% for drought response
  • Control aphids, scale and mealy bugs using integrated pest management techniques.  Treat small populations with low impact products such as Safer Soap
  • Water container plants whenever soil has dried 1 inch below the surface
  • Remove dead flowers to encourage more blooms
  • Early summer is time to apply an organic granular rose and flower fertilizer
  • Prune spring flowering shrubs.  Prune lightly during this drought
  • Plant summer edibles
  • Begin thinning early summer fruits
  • Control weeds to help reduce drought stress on ornamental plants
  • Consult the Drought Response section of the Gardenworks Inc. website for more drought response tips