May Gardening Tips

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  • Check slow leak detector on water meter weekly
  • Repair irrigation leaks ASAP
  • Program irrigation controllers to 60% of the July watering schedule (typical May is 70-75%)
  • Adjust spray and rotor type of sprinklers to not overspray
  • Do not allow irrigation water to runoff and use a cycle/soak method for run times
  • Turn off irrigation system during Spring rain events as needed
  • First high weed mow
  • Spring fertilizer for trees and shrubs (suspend during drought or apply a half rates)
  • Aerate lawns (very important for drought survival)
  • Broadleaf weed control in lawns (air temps between 65-85 degrees F)
  • If not already done – cut back frost damage on plants (after danger of frost has passed)
  • If not already done – cut back tender perennials (Lantana, Mexican Sage)
  • Inspect plants for Aphids and treat as needed
  • Fertilize Citrus w/citrus food – follow application instructions for product used
  • Plant summer blooming bulbs (Begonias, Lilies, Dahlias, Gladiolas)
  • Plant summer annuals and vegetables
  • Eliminate standing water where Mosquitoes breed
  • Dead head (remove spent flowers) and clean spring bulbs
  • Prune Spring Flowering plants after flowering (lightly or not at all during drought)
  • Release beneficial insects for pest control
  • Apply deer repellant in deer prone areas
  • Begin control of Bermudagrass, Crabgrass and other noxious weeds
  • Hand weed in and around plants
  • Cut back/mow groundcovers to rejuvenate
  • Begin training vines