Preparing for a Drier Future

The California Landscape Contractors Association has published a set of recommendations that are intended to help you conserve water, and help plan for how dry conditions affect your landscaping.drier-future-dam-hydro
Preparing for a Drier Future


Reduce Landscape Water Use
  • Check for leaks and repair
  • Incorporate new technology
  • Learn to read water meter
  • Program timer efficiently and run multiple cycles
  • Mulch
  • Minimize Evaporation
  • Check Soil Moisture
  • Avoid runoff on sidewalks


Optimizing 2-3 Day Watering
  • Promote deeper watering
  • Mow lawns higher
  • Use Cycle/Soak method
  • Use Greywater
  • Minimize pruning
  • Minimize fertilizing