Gardenworks The Preferred Landscape Contractor in Sonoma County

Healdsburg Landscapers
The craftsmen on the Gardenworks team are experienced landscape contractors who build quality landscapes. As the trusted local landscape contractor in Sonoma County, Gardenworks completes all aspects of the construction with the finest building materials and healthiest of plant materials.
Gardenworks specializes in the landscape installation and construction of:
Gardenworks specializes in using landscape materials such as:
  • Stone and Rock
  • Brick and Pavers
  • New or Used Products
  • Finished or Rough Lumber
  • Stamped or Finished Concrete

Gardenworks encourages clients to monitor the daily progress to ensure their participation and inputs achieve the final, quality product. We take pride in our landscape construction and installation projects. It’s why so many property owners in Sonoma County make Gardenworks their chosen landscape contractor.

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