Water Management

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Gardenworks Inc. Water Management is a branch of Gardenworks’ landscaping services that helps customers manage their water-efficient irrigation system appropriately in order to minimize excess water use in landscapes and gardens while also providing a convenient, regular service that allows our customers to simply enjoy their gardens and leave water management to us.

Water Management and Sustainability

To use the metaphor of a three legged stool, water management is one of three legs we build into every design to sustain those landscapes far into the future: the first leg is creating a water-efficient irrigation system, the second is developing a water budget, and the third is managing water resources. Water management factors in to landscape maintenance once we have built a water-efficient irrigation system into the landscape we’re creating and then develop a water budget for the new landscape.

One of the major benefits to developing a garden or landscape for water use efficiency is to lower the overall cost of maintaining our customers’ green areas, both in labor and resources, especially when you factor in the added burden that occurs with California’s periodic drought conditions to water needs. When you couple the development of a water efficient landscape design with a water budget suitable to your property and personal budget and with proper water management during the life of property–-the result is a sustainable, green, and cost-effective landscape.

Monthly Cost of Water Management

Your regular monthly fee will pay for a water management technician to visit your site once per month and perform the following tasks:

  • Read your water meter
  • Perform an inspection of your irrigation system
  • Adjust/tune your existing irrigation system
  • Manage your irrigation controller/timer to a water budget based on local weather conditions and plant water needs

The goal of Gardenworks Inc. Water Management is to save our customers time, effort, and money, while conserving water by placing them on a water budget. Regular monthly service allows our team to schedule controllers for seasonal changes to meet the needs of the landscape, water resources, and customer needs, while minimizing runoff and excess watering.

Please visit our Drought Resource page for more information regarding current drought regulations.

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