August Gardening Tips

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  • Control leggy growth on annuals by cutting them back at least one-third or more to encourage late summer re-blooming
  • Inspect plants for pests and treat using “low impact” products if warranted.
  • Replace summer annuals that are losing their growth and blooming momentum and replace them with cool-season annuals
  • Give citrus trees an occasional hosing down from top to bottom to wash off dust and pests
  • Pick up fallen fruit to discourage bees ,yellow jacket wasps and over wintering of diseases
  • Cut back Baby’s Tears, Blue Star Creeper, Coprosma, Creeping Thyme and other spreaders to encourage new compact growth and prevent them from overstepping their boundaries
  • Do not dry herbs in the sun. Wash and set them on a screen indoors where there is good air circulation
  • For large Pumpkins and Melons, leave only one to three fruits per vine
  • Wash foliage off early in the morning with a strong stream of water to blast off aphids, leafhoppers, and caterpillars
  • If skunks, raccoons, possums, moles and other critters are digging up the lawn, they are probably looking for grubs
  • Check your automated irrigation system to make sure everything is operating properly and water isn’t being wasted through runoff and over-spray.  Set your watering budget at 80% of the July schedule.
  • Order Spring flowering bulbs
  • Trim overgrown plants now to allow time to push out new growth before winter. thin-out woody growth to increase air circulation and allow sunlight to enter the interior of plants.
  • Prune summer flowering shrubs to control size and shape after they have bloomed out.  Do so on cooler days to reduce or prevent over exposure of interior growth to hot sun
  • Compost piles work faster in hot weather. Keep them turned and moist
  • Deadhead spent flowers to encourage more blooms unless you are saving seeds

Follow local drought measures and mandates as prescribed by municipalities but Please keep in mind the investment you have in your landscape and don’t overdo it