Landscape Design

Planning Your Backyard Landscape Design

A well-designed outdoor space can work wonders for your home. Not only will it drastically enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property, it will also give you ample opportunity to get closer to nature. Landscape designing is not as straightforward...
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The Importance of Mulching Your Landscaping

Mulching is the process of applying a layer (typically 2-3inches thick) of some external material over the soil surface. Depending on their composition, mulches can be divided into two basic categories – organic mulches and inorganic mulches. As the name...
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How Short Should I Cut My Lawn?

If you’ve ever asked yourself how short should you cut your lawn without damaging it, you’ve got the right mindset. However, the answer to your question may not be so straightforward. It depends on a variety of factors including the...
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Weed Prevention Tips

Weeds are unsightly. In addition to affecting your lawn’s aesthetics, weeds compete with healthy grass for air, water, and nutrients. When fertilizer is applied, weeds soak up the nutrients before plants and grasses. A lack of nutrients can lead to...
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What Affects the Cost of My Landscape Design?

A well-executed landscape design project can transform your outdoor area into an oasis. A professional landscape designer will help you dream up your ideal landscaping and then manage the installation/construction of your project from start to finish.  Price is one...
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